Sunday, 18 December 2011

Things I Aimed to do in 2011 (did I succeed?)

Back on my old blog in January I wrote a list of things I wished to do for myself in 2011, this post is a revisit of that list.
Blue = incomplete, pink = success.

1. Get one last piercing.
  - I never got around to getting my nose re-pierced. It is still something I really want to do though, maybe make this a goal for 2012.

2. Get my cat tattoo.
  - This goal is still going to happen, although at the moment it is still very much in the planning stages.

3. Find something really amazing in a thrift store.
  - I managed to find quite a few things I really love. A bright yellow sugar container, 70s floral painted glasses, 9 Star Trek: Next Generation videos..

4. Lose 10kgs.
  - I do believe I actually gained 5kgs, but this year I have had so many other things to deal with that I just don't care right now.

5. See a psychiatrist.
  - I am currently.

6. Watch one of my favourite bands play.
  - KINGS OF MOTHER FUCKING LEON @ NIB STADIUM!! Aww yeahh - they were amazing.

7. Watch 15 new movies. (0/15)
  - I will try to list them (in the order I remember them); HP7 p2, The Green Lantern, Captain America, Scream 4, Red Riding Hood, Hangover 2, The Inbetweeners, Thor, Bridesmaids - I know that I watched a lot more movies, my mum and I had a fair few horror movie nights where we watched like 5 movies at a time.. I just can't remember the titles!

8. Visit Gnomesville, WA.
  - Didn't get the chance, although we will try to go there over summer break.

9. Bake something inspired from Bake It In a Cake.
  - Rocky Road cupcakes baby!

10. Get a job as a carer.
  - Succeeded in this one.

11. Get my P-Plates.
  - Success! I now proudly drive a rusty, falling to pieces, 93' Ford Falcon.

12. Eat breakfast everyday for a week.
  - Fail whale. I really dislike breakfast foods and I tend to hate the gluggy, full feeling I get after a big breakfast. Cup of tea will do for me.

13. Dye my hair.
  - Early in the year I dyed my fringe hot pink, then after that I rotated purple & red dyes for a while. Currently it is half brown, half a horrible maroon colour.

14. Go a month without consuming alcohol.
  - I do believe I am on month 3.

15. Send all my friends birthday cards via snail mail. (stolen from Mel)
  - I AM SORRY FRIENDS! I don't even think they got cards in general. Damn facebook.

16. Explore my home city.
  - Sorry Perth, no love was given to you this year.

17. Go for a RUN (this will be tricky as it requires getting fit first).
  - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breathes* BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA I have had a lot of health issues and family things happen this year and my fitness was put on a shelf to collect dust.

18. Pass my mid year exams.
  - Done & Dusted. All units this year have been passed with a credit or distinction.

19. Pass my end of year exams.
 - See above.

20. Go to the beach. 
  - Did this, also went to the local pool.

21. Buy this for my car.
  - I have no idea what that used to link to, but I am certain I didn't buy it.

22. Get prescription sunglasses.
  - I looked into it, it was $250 so I left it for later. Still sunglasses-less.

23. Have $2000 in my Net Saver account.
  - *peeks into net saver account* oh hello there savings! Success!

24. Throw a tea party (cheating as this is what I am planning for Abbeys 2nd birthday).
  - No tea party was had. Next year.

25. Curl my hair with curlers etc
  - Yes I did this. Yes it looked awful.

26. Cook something by making it up as I go.
  - Done this more than once, sometimes I failed.

27. Make myself an item of clothing.
  - Didn't happen.

28. Buy a corset.
  - Didn't happen.

29. Read 5 books. (0/5)
  - Do comic books count? I read heaps of those :) Walking dead, the runaways, 30 Days of Night, Night of the living dead, Voodoo Child, Arkham City Asylum etc

30. Attend a burlesque dance class. 
  - I did this for most of January and part of February, before I started getting ill. It was really awesome and something I want to re-start in the new year.

18/30 Goals were reached. I think it's pretty fair to say that this challenge was mostly a success.. I will make another list and post it closer to 2012 and add a tab on my blog for it. What are your goals for 2012?

Another thing I was proud of this year - my zombie make up for a fancy dress party!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Top 10 *NEW* Songs from 2011

So I listen to a lot of music - mostly my old faithfuls who I can't get enough of, but this year I have been trying to broaden my horizons and discover new tunes to enjoy. Here is my list of favourite tracks from the year 2011 - they are all songs that were released this year, some old to me artists and some new.

1. Talking Like I'm Falling Down Stairs - Sparkadia
After hearing their first single 'Mary' from their album 'The Great Impression' I went out and bought the album. Alex Burnett has a marvelous voice and all of his songs from this album and the previous one 'Postcards' are beautiful and perfect for relaxing afternoons. Also for some reason I always play the cd's in my car when it is raining.

2. Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys
Now I couldn't actually find 'Little Black Submarines' on youtube - but I did find a cover of it by some other guys, it is nowhere near as awesome as the original, but look it up. Instead I give you 'Lonely Boy' which has an amazing video clip. I dance almost identical to this fella!

3. Somebody That I Used To Know - Goyte (feat. Kimbra)
Who doesn't love this song? Honestly - it is great. From the album 'Making Mirrors'.

4. No One Wants a Lover - Josh Pyke
I could listen to this song on repeat for hours on end and still enjoy it. I love the message behind the song - it applies to so many aspects of life, not just 'lovers'. Josh Pyke is one of my favourite artists and he sounds amazing live, which is why I have shared this acoustic version of his song (from the album Only Sparrows).

5. Chocolate Cake - Sean Rowe
Sean Rowe's voice is like delicious sweet velvet and I could listen to him forever. I originally found this whilst I was listening to Tom Wait's new track (#7) and thought it would be some awesome song about cake. Whilst it does mention cake in the chorus the underlying message is very much different. All his song's have amazing depth and a real beauty to them.

6. Light All My Lights - Seeker Lover Keeper
What do you get if you throw three outstanding female aussie muso's together? A beautifully done self titled album that will make you have a lovey dovey smile on your face. This is one of the lighter tracks on the album and never fails to brighten up.

7. Bad As Me - Tom Waits
It's Tom Waits and yet again he has created something outstanding! Sure, he doesn't suit everyone's tastes - but he will always get my vote. From his 22nd album 'Bad As Me'

8. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine
If I am perfectly honest I didn't love this song at first - but it has grown on me and I rather enjoying listening to madam super lungs belt out the lyrics to 'Shake it Out', from her new album 'Ceremonials'.

9. Naked Kids - Grouplove
I challenge you to google this track and not feel like a pedophile.. Perfect track for long road trips or afternoons in the sun with a good beer. I haven't listened to any of this band's other songs - but they are worth a mention for this gem!

10. ANYTHING - Boy & Bear
I don't know what Boy & Bear song to put here :( do you own their album yet? Oh.. you don't? WELL WHY THE HECK NOT!! These fella's are AMAZING to say the least and I look forward to their future songs/albums/tours. I am going to youtube search them and post the first song that comes up..
- Rabbit Song:

I also found their cover of "Fall At Your Feet" by Crowded House, it's beautiful & enjoy;

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two things I am really excited for this Christmas...

Doctor Who Special..
If you have one minute and thirty one seconds spare the following link will take you to the prequel video on the BBC; and hopefully make you as excited as I!

THIS NERDIST CHRISTMAS EVE SPECIAL!!! Zomg.. so many favourite favvy pants people AAAAAHHHHHHHH *jumps up and down squealing in anticipation*

Will be back later to tell you about two movies from the 80s I watched last night for the first time :D squeeeeee <3

Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Wants..

Untitled #99

See now, I don't want a lot in terms of quantity.. but in terms of price - I am essentially asking for a hell of a lot, I do not expect to get anything on my list this year lol.

Pink AWA brand television from Big W (it is $198)
White Playstation3 from EB Games (around $260)

Skyrim (around $100)
Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii (around $60)
Simon Pegg's Biography - Nerd Do Well (around $25)

The worst part is - I actually have more, more, more than enough to just go and buy these things for myself sitting in my bank account, but I am saving. I WOULD KILL FOR THESE THINGS!! The trouble with being someone who likes such things I guess.. /sigh. 

What would  YOU like for Christmas?


Thursday, 10 November 2011

NaBloPoMo: November 8

Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event.

I have had a couple of traumatic events. I suppose the one I feel like describing would be the day my dad passed away...

It was a Thursday morning and we were house sitting for our in-laws, it was just Evan & I at home. I was in the main bathroom taking bump pics of my second when Evan came in and he needed a change.. so I changed him in the spare room. Afterwards he ran down the hallway and at the same time i heard the front door open and Evan yell DADDDYYYYY followed by Aaron shouting EMMA! Although as soon as he had come through the door I knew something had happened and I ran down the hallway screaming WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON as my mum & aaron kept trying to get me to sit down.. They did, they told me & my first reaction? "What about the food shopping?" followed by "You're lying" and sorting a sitter for Evan. The next two weeks were spent sitting on my arse watching DVDs and movies before the funeral I can't really remember much tbh. Just feeling numb.

Yeah the grammar is awful - deal withs it.

Monday, 7 November 2011

NaBloPoMo: November 7.

November 7: How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life?

Wait.. balance? What's balance?
I struggle majorly with this and it got to the point where the added pressure of work was too much and I am currently on long service leave without pay.

Let me elaborate on what I, personally, have to balance:

2 kids under 5, study, work, relationship, living with my in-laws, a mother whose health is nowhere near ideal and my own personal issues and trying desperately to catch up with my friends.

I don't do as much housework as I should do - I know that, but at this moment in my life its all study study study kids kids kids study study study kids kids kids.. they are my priorities & everything else is on the back burner for now. It is hard, I don't know how I do it - hell I don't even know if I am even doing 'it' but I get through each day alive and that is the main thing!!

x <3

Sunday, 6 November 2011

NaBloPoMo: November 6.

Today's prompt comes from the gorgeous miss Melissa..

November 5: List 5 people (dead or alive) that you would like to have dinner with and why

This particular prompt is killing me as there are so many amazing people whom I would love to meet or even just be in their presence! Alas, I have compiled a list of people (dead or alive) that I would like to have dinner with & why..

 1. Charles Darwin
As someone who finds everything to do with biology and evolution absolutely fascinating he is somewhat of a hero. If you have never read 'The Origin of Species' I highly recommend it. Just to be in the same room as him would be ace.

 2. Albert Einstein
Do I really need to elaborate here? It's Albert fucking Einstein.

 3. George A Romero
If you know me, even just a little bit, then you will be familiar with my almost-obsession with zombies. Comics, books, movies, games, the genre in general. If it weren't for this man and his 1968 film 'Night of the Living Dead' who knows if this genre would even be around as much as it is?!

4. Lewis & Simon of the Yogscast
So these fellas haven't done anything substantially amazing compared to the above - unless laughing until my sides ache and I almost piss myself is a noteable achievement? They fuelled my love of the game Minecraft and I think they would be a hilarious addition to any dinner party.

 5. Steven Moffat
Penned some of my most favourite Doctor Who stories and most of Matt Smith's era as the Doctor.

6. Tom Waits
I think he would have some very interesting opinions on things.

Other people I would invite; David Tennant, Simon Pegg, Queen Victoria, Freddy Mercury.. and many many more!!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

NaBloPoMo: November 5.

After spending all day wondering why there was no prompt for today I realised that it states on the sight that the weekend is for 'free' writing. I decided to make my own prompt as I dislike the idea of having gaps in this for the weekend.. Also I am sick and procrastinating like a boss so I require something to do!

November 5Share your favourite poem/quote/excerpt and why it is your favourite/what it means to you.

Late last year during a rough patch I was on you tube watching Tom Waits videos (if you have no idea who that is go look him up) when I came across the following video of Tom Waits reciting 'The Laughing Heart' by Charles Bukowski;

 your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.

I cried my eyes out after watching that video. Why? Well it 'spoke' to me at a time when I needed to hear good, positive words and as someone who has suffered long and hard for almost 10 years with depression and anxiety, this helps me immensely when I am feeling down.

I can't even explain how much the above words mean to me. Just one of those unexplainable things I suppose.


Cosmic Comic Loot #1

In Australia, or more specifically - in Western Australia, comic book stores are few and far between. Before  my 'local' (next town over) comic book store opened I had to travel 30 - 40 minutes into the city if I wanted to buy comics/general geekerery, but now its a 15 minute drive. As far as I know this is the only (decent) comic store 'south of the river' - but they are awesome. They are called Cosmic Comics & I try to buy all my comics from them - to support the little fish, and the awesome owner Chris. Anyways preamble over.

[please excuse the quality of the following image]

L - R: Issue #1 - 30 Days of Night; Weston & Nicolas Cage - Voodoo Child; Arkham Asylum - Madness; Pocky - Chocolate Flavour.

I, personally, had no idea that Nicolas Cage had written a comic book with his son - but he has and it is pretty awesome. The art work is great, the story is interesting, and its a decent length so I won't have it done and dusted in 2 milliseconds.

Still doing NaBloPoMo - just waiting for the damned prompt for today!!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

NaBloPoMo - November 4.

November 4  - When you are writing do you prefer to use a pen or a computer.

It honestly depends on what I am writing and the mood I am in.
For academic work I tend to write things down with a pen as I learn better from reading something, writing it down, then writing it again (or in this instant typing it up from my notes).
With other writing that I do (poems, short stories, blog posts etc) it depends on where I am, if the mood strikes me and I am at my computer I'll bash something out - whereas if it is 2am and I am having trouble sleeping then get an idea, I'll grab the nearest writing instrument and writable material and scribble it down.

To be honest I love reading hand written items, such as old letters and the feel of a written  note in your hand. Type just seems so informal sometimes.


NaBloPoMo: November 3

November 3: "Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?"

I can listen to music and write 'fluffy' blog posts/poems/short stories etc, but anything that requires me to concentrate and use my brain (university work, important emails etc) then I need absolute quiet or I get distracted.

The only song I have heard today is the beautiful sound of the rain outside, whilst the weiros chirp away. Mother nature makes some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

Five songs I listened to yesterday (in no particular order):

1. Bad As Me - Tom Waits
2. Old Black Dodge - Sean Rowe
3. Naked Lady - The Mooney Suzuki
4. Ghost - Sparkadia
5. Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson


NaBloPoMo - November 2.

November 2: "If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?"

For those of you who grew up in the late 80s/90s you may of watched a Robin Williams movie called 'Hook' and if you have seen this movie then you may remember the following scene;

Top 10 Feasts

For me, the idea of being at a table surrounded by people who love you and make you laugh eating your favourite things - no need for manners or with-holding gluttonous urges, is what it would be all about. Having fun, eating what you want, surrounded by love and laughter. 


NaBloPoMo - Intro/Nov 1st Entry

Decided to jump on the bandwagon behind the lovely Melissa from Robots On The Ceiling and take part in NaBloPoMo or 'National Blog Posting Month' - the bloggers version of NaNoWriMo!
I am going to use the posting prompts given and you lucky fuckers get 3 posts in a row as I had no idea this was a thing until 5 minutes ago and need to do Nov 1 - 3.


November 1: "What is your favourite part about writing?"

 - My head is a massive whirlpool of thoughts and ideas, if I didn't write/doodle/scribble I would go bonkers from the sound of my own voice echoing off the walls in my mind. I can be a ridiculously crafty fool at times and find blogging a good release for expressing myself when I can't be bothered doing actual arts and crafts.

My most favourite part about writing is knowing that somebody else has taken the time to read it. I have written heaps of short stories, poems and fanfics that I have never put out there for the world to see purely due to the fear that no one will bother to read it.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Its the end of semester I have a pile of assignmenty bits to do plus my 4 year old had an adenotonsillectomy and bilateral grommets done on Monday so i am a tad swamped with student and mummy duties.

Keep well and i'll be back when I can :-)


Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaming (bad grammar ahead)

Honestly I am not much of a 'gamer' - I fuck around with Minecraft, Terraria, the Sims, games like that where I get to build and am (essentially) in control of what I do. I used to play a lot of games when I was in my teens, Halo 1&2, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Diablo and similar - and I was pretty alright at them too!
I miss games with objectives and guns. So I went into EB and got Mass Effect & Bioshock 2. I know they are old titles - but our PC isn't really equipped for gaming anymore and they were only $15ea ah ha! So far been playing Mass Effect - haven't gotten very far yet but I am enjoying it. I end up doing a lot of the fighting by myself as I keep forgetting to heal my allies /facepalm.


I am considering buying the Sims 3 pets, purely so I can then scab all my friends expansions as I am finding Sims 3 vanilla ridiculously boring and wouldn't mind a pet horse of some description.

I also have put it out there that I would LOVE a PS3 for Christmas (mostly for gaming) as it's cheaper then doing up my PC to run some of the games I would love to play. I really want Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare, and would LOVE Skyrim (but no way in hell can I afford to pimp the PC to run that bitch lol) etc. I have been playing a fair bit of Spyro on PS2 - SUPER FUN.. can't believe how much I missed that game haha..

Nightly routine of late: 
put kids in bed
crack open a beer
play Mass Effect
homework for 2 hours
play minecraft/catch up on youtube subscriptions/watch downloaded tv
then more homework until after midnight. 

I think its a good mix of stuff I don't want to do and stuff I need to do.


Sorry the posts have been few and far between but mentally and literally life has been a bit of mayhem these past few weeks and its going to get more packed as my son is going into hospy on Monday morning (just simple tonsils, adenoids out & grommets in) and will be needing his mumma! Also its getting towards the end of semester over here in Aus and I have a million page learning journal and an oral presentation due very soon!

- Emmy Out.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

TV Shows I am Watching + Nerd Porn (not literal porn it is the SFW kind)

Had life stuff going on, anxiety playing up etc. Will return to more regular posting, including review of 'The Wedding of River Song' later (it will be late - but whatever).

List of shows I am currently watching:
  • Terra Nova - humans ruined the Earth to the point on inhabitable-ness, find a rift in time, go back 85 million years and decide to start over. New age humans vs dinosaurs. LOVING IT!
  • Community - It's innapropriate at times, but hilarious  none the less.
  • Modern Family - Guilty pleasure, I think I enjoy it as parts reign similar to some of my own familial situations.
  • Inbetweeners - I have already seen the complete series 1 - 3, but I am going through them again and still laughing. (also recently found out how old the guys who are in this actually are and omg they are ageing awesomely lol)
  • Falling Skies - For some reason, this has been a stop-starter for me, I do enjoy it.. but not enough to stick at it back to back.. I find I need a break every couple of episodes, thinking it might be all the drama as I don't usually watch lots of drama lol.

Something about nerdy stuff I love and unrelated nerdy stuff I love together is amazing..

 "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" GET IT!!

 Mario bashing up turtles in the sewer :P ah ha

 The Power of Green!

 Two of my favourite artists with Darth Vader <3

Voltron made of actual cats.. 

Simon Pegg & a Dalek

 My edited picture of my D&D character to include a Doctor Who eye patch.. couldn't resist :P

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Random Mine Craft Related Guff.

Made a very good friend his own "special place" in minecraft :]

Found oodles of pumpkins (enough to make an entire room of jackolanterns)

Found sheep in strange places.. like deep in a cave..
 & up a tree..

Gave myself a minecraft inspired manicure (which after lasting 2 weeks, has finally started to chip)

Not Pictured: An amazing, multi-level mushroom house in the middle of the ocean.

What minecraft adventures have you been getting up to? 

Doctor Who Episode Reviews 10 - 12

"The Girl Who Waited"

I didn't enjoy this episode as much as everyone else seemed to. It was filled with delightfully good and dramatic performances - but as far as Who episodes go, its not at the top of my list for favourites. Not really my kind of thing..

"The God Complex"
First off, OMG DAVID WALLIAMS!! (from Little Britain..)
I rather enjoyed this episode, was good to see the Doctor truly puzzled and also that he actually fudged up a little in the advice department. I cried when he made Amy lose faith in him, but surprisingly for myself, had dry eyes when he left them at their new house haha.


"Closing Time"

Yes to EVERYTHING about this episode!! I do love me some stand-alone, and this bad boy has gone right up to my top episodes. I have watched it twice now. From a baby called Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All to an almost-kiss in the elevator, this episode had me laughing the whole way through. The Craig & Doctor partnership really is a special one and I am glad it was revisited.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Update is 'officially' Out

So on Wednesday night I was at Dungeons & Dragons (kicking some ass may I add) when my friend Jamie sent me a text saying her boyfee had set up a server to play minecraft. I was wondering why she was sounding so excited. Anyways after an awesome game of D&D I headed home, went to sleep and the next day booted up my minecraft to see the update screen. I squealed - my son came running saw what I was playing and jumped up and down excitedly (he is only 4, but loves watching me play and "adventure for treasure").. yes the 1.8 update was officially out (which my friend new and presumed I did haha my bad).

I was planning on taking lots of screen shots whilst I played, but I was too wrapped up in it that I didn't bother - so I shall tell you about it *get ready to use your imaginations*..

First seed I tried was 'one point eight update' and I spawned in a forest next to a cow. I then collected some wood and chased said cow straight into a ravine - luckily there was water at the bottom, but unfortuently said water ran into lava. Cow survived.

Second seed I tried (and have decided to keep) was 'space monkeys' where I spawned in a swamp biome, with mountains behind me. I headed to the right collecting a shit load of mushrooms then south (lets say the way I faced when I spawned was north). I found heaps of clay (enough to make 2 stacks of 64 bricks) and plenty of sugar cane (3 stacks of 24). The mountains have a lot of caves in them with a lot of iron (115 bars total by the time I got the ore into a furnace) and plenty of coal. I also found a village which was infested with pigs (at least 30) who were very witty and after i tried to axe them they ran into the middle of the lakes near the village, causing endless frustration. I haven't turned it off of peaceful yet as I haven't found a nice location to 'settle' down and build my brick house. 
Found these two down a cave system, pretty deep in there lol - had to lighten the image (why the items look shit) because I have realised something awesome, MAX brightness = NO NEED FOR TORCHES :] yaaaaaaay


I also mucked around in 'creative' for about 5 minutes and came up with this (sorry about the fog this was before I realised hitting "F" doesn't change render distance anymore):

I will do some screen shots if I remember to when I play tonight. So far I am loving 1.8 and am very eager to make a mushroom cottage and lovely clay house.

Is everybody else enjoying 1.8 thus far? Got any screen shots/blog posts etc from your adventures you can link me to? If so please do in the comments below, I love checking out other peoples seeds and things.


Torchwood: Miracle Day, Review

I was going to type up a review of Miracle Day, when I found the perfect one on Nerdist that pretty much said the exact same thing I was going to anyway. In a nutshell I was enthralled the whole way through - really eager to find out what the god-foresaken 'blessing' shit was, see a bit of character development etc then when we finally got the end I found it was incredibly anti-climatic. Although I like how they have put down a couple of stepping stones for the next season (there better be one after the realisation that Rex was immortal!!!).

Anyways here is the longer, more in-depth and in my opinion highly accurate review by Kyle Anderson over on Nerdist..[warning: the following clicky clicky thing contains spoilers]

xx me

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yogscast 1.8 Part 6 :)

Strongholds & Giant Mushrooms (Prerelease 1.8 Part 6)

So I have actually had a nice long proper look at all the videos now and here are some of my thoughts..

Things I am Excited About:
Giant mushrooms (hello mushroom house!), watermelons, strongholds, biomes, NPC villages & piggies wit snouties, the health/food/experience bars, the noms

Things I am a bit MEH About:
SILVERFISH (those bastards are going to make mining more scary), endermen, mineshafts

So what are you looking forward to in the 1.8 update? Or what have you enjoyed so far in the pre-release? :)

Love & Minecarts
E xx


I know I did something similar a couple of days ago - but this is a much better format stolen from my friend Melissa's blog Robots on the Ceiling.. :) so expect this either weekly or when things change.

Listening... Boy & Bear's new (first) album "Moonfire". It is deliciously folky, sort of similar to Mumford & Sons, except I didnt really like Mumfy but I love love love Boy & Bear. Going to (hopefully) but a ticket to see them later on today if there are any left - it's in October and they are a relatively new band, so fingers crossed.

Reading... Absolutely nothing - it is quite sad really, I am hoping to get a copy of Geek Love from somewhere as it sounds very much like a book I would thoroughly enjoy.

Watching... Doctor Who, Torchwood & True Blood. Also Hercules & Xena when I get a chance in the arvo (it's on free-to-air, love me a bit of Kevin Sorbo & Lucy Lawless)

Buying... Hopefully Geek Love and I need to get the next installments of Night of the Living Dead & The Walking Dead comics. I really want to buy a few movies as well, ones that I really enjoy so that I have them to watch whenever I feel like.

Wanting... A. New. Bloody. Car. (well not a bloody car - but you know what I mean..)

Trying... to get healthy so that I am not sick all the time. Eating better and exercising more (at the moment the exercise isn't much but it's better than nothing which is what it was)

Loving... Being back in the land of the bloggers - feels good to have a release for my usually subdued creative side. Also Bastion is pretty amazing and my delicious mountain side house on minecraft I am currently working on (it is taking me forever). Also loving tattoo-planning there are about 4 now that I definently want, it is just a matter of saving the money up (looks at near-empty 'tattoo-fund' jar).

Planning... An oral presentation about Domestic Violence in the Indigenous Populations of Australia (for university) and not much else.

Writing/Drawing... My blog? I have started drawing things with moustaches - but they are nowhere near being fit for human eye consumption, so don't expect to see them any time soon. I was going to embark on writing some fan-fic but thought better of it...

Friday, 9 September 2011

Yogscast 1.8 Pre-Release Review(s)

Especially their minecraft reviews/adventure map videos. So I was ridiculously happy to watch their video's of the pre-release of minecraft update 1.8 - they have even shared a link to download a copy yourself to try (I, personally, am going to wait for the official release of it). Here are links to all of the videos (you can watch the first one here) and a link to their channel etc:

Part 1:

Part 2: Endermen & Abandoned Mine Shafts

Part 3: NPC Villages, Wells & Tables

Part 4: Steak, Roast Chicken & More Items

Part 5: Silverfish & Watermelons

Main one featuring minecraft mod spotlights, play throughs of new/old games

Usually reviews on up and coming games, a couple of "hannah plays" etc

Website featuring updates on the yogbox, also forums filled with minecraft adventure maps, mods, texture packs and more for your enjoyment :) if you look around you can find their itunes channel for the 'yogpod' which they haven't updated in months but the old ones are pretty funny.

Now you have seen all of that.. do you want a copy of the 1.8 pre-release???
The following is taken from the yogcasts official facebook page:

"Lewis here. It's 2am and every single yogiverse member is still awake. I've got two more videos to edit and upload before I can go to bed :D Hope you're enjoying the 1.8 coverage. If you want in on the action replace your minecraft.jar with one from here (you need a clean install of minecraft though and be sure to backup saves)"

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Update Thang

[from: here]

We can look forward to a few things with this new update..

the image

Piggy's with snouts

& more..

Everyone I know that plays minecraft is pretty excited for the update, I feel it is going to be slightly similar to a lot of the features I already play with in the yogbox - but I mean the different biomes is one of the biggest things I am looking forward to, and the possibilities of different "quests". Endermen can go get fucked as I had enough of that shit with Doctor Who without reliving Blink! every minecraft night..

What are your thoughts on the new update(s)? Read any informative/interesting articles on the subject? If you have then link me in the comments :)

rainbows & pork chops