Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Its the end of semester I have a pile of assignmenty bits to do plus my 4 year old had an adenotonsillectomy and bilateral grommets done on Monday so i am a tad swamped with student and mummy duties.

Keep well and i'll be back when I can :-)


Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaming (bad grammar ahead)

Honestly I am not much of a 'gamer' - I fuck around with Minecraft, Terraria, the Sims, games like that where I get to build and am (essentially) in control of what I do. I used to play a lot of games when I was in my teens, Halo 1&2, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Diablo and similar - and I was pretty alright at them too!
I miss games with objectives and guns. So I went into EB and got Mass Effect & Bioshock 2. I know they are old titles - but our PC isn't really equipped for gaming anymore and they were only $15ea ah ha! So far been playing Mass Effect - haven't gotten very far yet but I am enjoying it. I end up doing a lot of the fighting by myself as I keep forgetting to heal my allies /facepalm.


I am considering buying the Sims 3 pets, purely so I can then scab all my friends expansions as I am finding Sims 3 vanilla ridiculously boring and wouldn't mind a pet horse of some description.

I also have put it out there that I would LOVE a PS3 for Christmas (mostly for gaming) as it's cheaper then doing up my PC to run some of the games I would love to play. I really want Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare, and would LOVE Skyrim (but no way in hell can I afford to pimp the PC to run that bitch lol) etc. I have been playing a fair bit of Spyro on PS2 - SUPER FUN.. can't believe how much I missed that game haha..

Nightly routine of late: 
put kids in bed
crack open a beer
play Mass Effect
homework for 2 hours
play minecraft/catch up on youtube subscriptions/watch downloaded tv
then more homework until after midnight. 

I think its a good mix of stuff I don't want to do and stuff I need to do.


Sorry the posts have been few and far between but mentally and literally life has been a bit of mayhem these past few weeks and its going to get more packed as my son is going into hospy on Monday morning (just simple tonsils, adenoids out & grommets in) and will be needing his mumma! Also its getting towards the end of semester over here in Aus and I have a million page learning journal and an oral presentation due very soon!

- Emmy Out.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

TV Shows I am Watching + Nerd Porn (not literal porn it is the SFW kind)

Had life stuff going on, anxiety playing up etc. Will return to more regular posting, including review of 'The Wedding of River Song' later (it will be late - but whatever).

List of shows I am currently watching:
  • Terra Nova - humans ruined the Earth to the point on inhabitable-ness, find a rift in time, go back 85 million years and decide to start over. New age humans vs dinosaurs. LOVING IT!
  • Community - It's innapropriate at times, but hilarious  none the less.
  • Modern Family - Guilty pleasure, I think I enjoy it as parts reign similar to some of my own familial situations.
  • Inbetweeners - I have already seen the complete series 1 - 3, but I am going through them again and still laughing. (also recently found out how old the guys who are in this actually are and omg they are ageing awesomely lol)
  • Falling Skies - For some reason, this has been a stop-starter for me, I do enjoy it.. but not enough to stick at it back to back.. I find I need a break every couple of episodes, thinking it might be all the drama as I don't usually watch lots of drama lol.

Something about nerdy stuff I love and unrelated nerdy stuff I love together is amazing..

 "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" GET IT!!

 Mario bashing up turtles in the sewer :P ah ha

 The Power of Green!

 Two of my favourite artists with Darth Vader <3

Voltron made of actual cats.. 

Simon Pegg & a Dalek

 My edited picture of my D&D character to include a Doctor Who eye patch.. couldn't resist :P