Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 7 - TV/Movies

Day 7 - A show or a movie that has changed you.

I watched my first ever episode of Doctor Who around the age of 5/6 with my mum. I insisted on getting the VHS out from the library. It was a Tom Baker series VHS and I used to get them out religiously for years (until they stopped having them there for some reason). 

It's the earliest tv show I can think of that I watched that wasn't 'the norm' that wasn't princesses being rescued by princes or teddy bears flying around in a hot air balloon. It challenged me, at that very young age, to think outside the box and reconsider that we aren't the only beings in this ever expanding universe. Etc etc. I still love the show now and it is my go-to in the 'dry spell' television wise.

Movie wise there are many that I love, but the one I have seen the most out of any is the Rocky Horror Picture Show.. I first watched it at 11 and have seen it around 100 times - I know it word for word. It's amazing.

Day 6 - Myself

Day 6 - Something you would change about yourself.

My stomach. No, not my weight - I am not that fussed about my size. Sure, it'd be nice to be thinner but eh - it's the gross 'mummy belly' that I have that I absolutely hate that I'd love to hack off for good.

:) Other than that I think I am pretty damn awesome.

Day 5 - Changes

Day 5 - Something you would change about the world.

Poverty, cruelty to animals, people who seem to want to rape/murder/steal/lie/etc... the list could go on forever if I were speaking of 'standard' answers.

The biggest thing I would change about our world on a whole is acceptance, also our relative distance from other planets that may or may have life on them. There are lots of things 'wrong' in this world but if everyone could see others points of view and be willing to accept them, then perhaps there would be a lot less of the above.

Day 4 (I have to bulk catch up on this 365 thing)

Day 4 - How you think your life would change if you achieved your dream.

I don't really have a 'dream' more a series of life 'goals'. I'd like to have a couple of university degrees under my belt and be working in a job that I get joy from or that I am interested in, I'd like to be living in my own house etc etc.

Even though I am doing nursing I am still unsure on where I am headed in life or what I ultimately 'dream' of.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

University Study & Essay Writing in 7 GIFs

First we do our readings, then we sit down to think and start writing, then we try to write it and the frustration sets in, then we get overwhelmed, then we get tired, then we find ourselves awake at 3am trying to write a conclusion for something that is due at 9am.

Day 3 - 365 Day Challenge

Day 3 - What do you think your reason for being here is?

I was put on this Earth for one reason and that one reason is to be....

In all seriousness I have no idea why I have been put on this beautiful, mistreated planet and neither does anyone else. I think we just have to fight for our causes and do what we can to leave the biggest and most beautiful impression we can when we leave. I want to try and do my best for my family, my friends, the ill, the misfortunate. I want to make some kind of difference, however small to someones life.

;D The questions get better FYI

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 2 - 365 Day Challenge

Day 2: something that’s illegal that you think should be legal.

99.99% of things that are illegal are just so because they help to 'protect' us in numerous ways. As an Australian, living in Australia who hasn't been overseas and is not overly familiar with overseas laws and legalities my opinions are based purely on what little I know about our own laws.

I think, law-wise, we have it pretty sweet. The majority of things that are illegal are perfectly fine staying that way in my opinion, well except one thing.

Same sex marriage. If two people love each other then why can't they be wed or at least recognised legally as a couple? Not allowing same sex marriage is just as backwards as not allowing interracial couples to be married in my opinion. In the future if my daughter or son fell in love with somebody of the same sex and they wanted to be able to get married then I would hope that they could, if that is a path they want to take in their relationship.

There could also be some improvement on the laws surrounding the adoption process and euthanasia.

This topic was hard and not something I am overly interested in (laws and legalities that is) so please excuse it being rubbish.

- Cheerio!