Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 2 - 365 Day Challenge

Day 2: something that’s illegal that you think should be legal.

99.99% of things that are illegal are just so because they help to 'protect' us in numerous ways. As an Australian, living in Australia who hasn't been overseas and is not overly familiar with overseas laws and legalities my opinions are based purely on what little I know about our own laws.

I think, law-wise, we have it pretty sweet. The majority of things that are illegal are perfectly fine staying that way in my opinion, well except one thing.

Same sex marriage. If two people love each other then why can't they be wed or at least recognised legally as a couple? Not allowing same sex marriage is just as backwards as not allowing interracial couples to be married in my opinion. In the future if my daughter or son fell in love with somebody of the same sex and they wanted to be able to get married then I would hope that they could, if that is a path they want to take in their relationship.

There could also be some improvement on the laws surrounding the adoption process and euthanasia.

This topic was hard and not something I am overly interested in (laws and legalities that is) so please excuse it being rubbish.

- Cheerio!

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