Sunday, 18 December 2011

Things I Aimed to do in 2011 (did I succeed?)

Back on my old blog in January I wrote a list of things I wished to do for myself in 2011, this post is a revisit of that list.
Blue = incomplete, pink = success.

1. Get one last piercing.
  - I never got around to getting my nose re-pierced. It is still something I really want to do though, maybe make this a goal for 2012.

2. Get my cat tattoo.
  - This goal is still going to happen, although at the moment it is still very much in the planning stages.

3. Find something really amazing in a thrift store.
  - I managed to find quite a few things I really love. A bright yellow sugar container, 70s floral painted glasses, 9 Star Trek: Next Generation videos..

4. Lose 10kgs.
  - I do believe I actually gained 5kgs, but this year I have had so many other things to deal with that I just don't care right now.

5. See a psychiatrist.
  - I am currently.

6. Watch one of my favourite bands play.
  - KINGS OF MOTHER FUCKING LEON @ NIB STADIUM!! Aww yeahh - they were amazing.

7. Watch 15 new movies. (0/15)
  - I will try to list them (in the order I remember them); HP7 p2, The Green Lantern, Captain America, Scream 4, Red Riding Hood, Hangover 2, The Inbetweeners, Thor, Bridesmaids - I know that I watched a lot more movies, my mum and I had a fair few horror movie nights where we watched like 5 movies at a time.. I just can't remember the titles!

8. Visit Gnomesville, WA.
  - Didn't get the chance, although we will try to go there over summer break.

9. Bake something inspired from Bake It In a Cake.
  - Rocky Road cupcakes baby!

10. Get a job as a carer.
  - Succeeded in this one.

11. Get my P-Plates.
  - Success! I now proudly drive a rusty, falling to pieces, 93' Ford Falcon.

12. Eat breakfast everyday for a week.
  - Fail whale. I really dislike breakfast foods and I tend to hate the gluggy, full feeling I get after a big breakfast. Cup of tea will do for me.

13. Dye my hair.
  - Early in the year I dyed my fringe hot pink, then after that I rotated purple & red dyes for a while. Currently it is half brown, half a horrible maroon colour.

14. Go a month without consuming alcohol.
  - I do believe I am on month 3.

15. Send all my friends birthday cards via snail mail. (stolen from Mel)
  - I AM SORRY FRIENDS! I don't even think they got cards in general. Damn facebook.

16. Explore my home city.
  - Sorry Perth, no love was given to you this year.

17. Go for a RUN (this will be tricky as it requires getting fit first).
  - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breathes* BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA I have had a lot of health issues and family things happen this year and my fitness was put on a shelf to collect dust.

18. Pass my mid year exams.
  - Done & Dusted. All units this year have been passed with a credit or distinction.

19. Pass my end of year exams.
 - See above.

20. Go to the beach. 
  - Did this, also went to the local pool.

21. Buy this for my car.
  - I have no idea what that used to link to, but I am certain I didn't buy it.

22. Get prescription sunglasses.
  - I looked into it, it was $250 so I left it for later. Still sunglasses-less.

23. Have $2000 in my Net Saver account.
  - *peeks into net saver account* oh hello there savings! Success!

24. Throw a tea party (cheating as this is what I am planning for Abbeys 2nd birthday).
  - No tea party was had. Next year.

25. Curl my hair with curlers etc
  - Yes I did this. Yes it looked awful.

26. Cook something by making it up as I go.
  - Done this more than once, sometimes I failed.

27. Make myself an item of clothing.
  - Didn't happen.

28. Buy a corset.
  - Didn't happen.

29. Read 5 books. (0/5)
  - Do comic books count? I read heaps of those :) Walking dead, the runaways, 30 Days of Night, Night of the living dead, Voodoo Child, Arkham City Asylum etc

30. Attend a burlesque dance class. 
  - I did this for most of January and part of February, before I started getting ill. It was really awesome and something I want to re-start in the new year.

18/30 Goals were reached. I think it's pretty fair to say that this challenge was mostly a success.. I will make another list and post it closer to 2012 and add a tab on my blog for it. What are your goals for 2012?

Another thing I was proud of this year - my zombie make up for a fancy dress party!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Top 10 *NEW* Songs from 2011

So I listen to a lot of music - mostly my old faithfuls who I can't get enough of, but this year I have been trying to broaden my horizons and discover new tunes to enjoy. Here is my list of favourite tracks from the year 2011 - they are all songs that were released this year, some old to me artists and some new.

1. Talking Like I'm Falling Down Stairs - Sparkadia
After hearing their first single 'Mary' from their album 'The Great Impression' I went out and bought the album. Alex Burnett has a marvelous voice and all of his songs from this album and the previous one 'Postcards' are beautiful and perfect for relaxing afternoons. Also for some reason I always play the cd's in my car when it is raining.

2. Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys
Now I couldn't actually find 'Little Black Submarines' on youtube - but I did find a cover of it by some other guys, it is nowhere near as awesome as the original, but look it up. Instead I give you 'Lonely Boy' which has an amazing video clip. I dance almost identical to this fella!

3. Somebody That I Used To Know - Goyte (feat. Kimbra)
Who doesn't love this song? Honestly - it is great. From the album 'Making Mirrors'.

4. No One Wants a Lover - Josh Pyke
I could listen to this song on repeat for hours on end and still enjoy it. I love the message behind the song - it applies to so many aspects of life, not just 'lovers'. Josh Pyke is one of my favourite artists and he sounds amazing live, which is why I have shared this acoustic version of his song (from the album Only Sparrows).

5. Chocolate Cake - Sean Rowe
Sean Rowe's voice is like delicious sweet velvet and I could listen to him forever. I originally found this whilst I was listening to Tom Wait's new track (#7) and thought it would be some awesome song about cake. Whilst it does mention cake in the chorus the underlying message is very much different. All his song's have amazing depth and a real beauty to them.

6. Light All My Lights - Seeker Lover Keeper
What do you get if you throw three outstanding female aussie muso's together? A beautifully done self titled album that will make you have a lovey dovey smile on your face. This is one of the lighter tracks on the album and never fails to brighten up.

7. Bad As Me - Tom Waits
It's Tom Waits and yet again he has created something outstanding! Sure, he doesn't suit everyone's tastes - but he will always get my vote. From his 22nd album 'Bad As Me'

8. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine
If I am perfectly honest I didn't love this song at first - but it has grown on me and I rather enjoying listening to madam super lungs belt out the lyrics to 'Shake it Out', from her new album 'Ceremonials'.

9. Naked Kids - Grouplove
I challenge you to google this track and not feel like a pedophile.. Perfect track for long road trips or afternoons in the sun with a good beer. I haven't listened to any of this band's other songs - but they are worth a mention for this gem!

10. ANYTHING - Boy & Bear
I don't know what Boy & Bear song to put here :( do you own their album yet? Oh.. you don't? WELL WHY THE HECK NOT!! These fella's are AMAZING to say the least and I look forward to their future songs/albums/tours. I am going to youtube search them and post the first song that comes up..
- Rabbit Song:

I also found their cover of "Fall At Your Feet" by Crowded House, it's beautiful & enjoy;

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two things I am really excited for this Christmas...

Doctor Who Special..
If you have one minute and thirty one seconds spare the following link will take you to the prequel video on the BBC; and hopefully make you as excited as I!

THIS NERDIST CHRISTMAS EVE SPECIAL!!! Zomg.. so many favourite favvy pants people AAAAAHHHHHHHH *jumps up and down squealing in anticipation*

Will be back later to tell you about two movies from the 80s I watched last night for the first time :D squeeeeee <3

Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Wants..

Untitled #99

See now, I don't want a lot in terms of quantity.. but in terms of price - I am essentially asking for a hell of a lot, I do not expect to get anything on my list this year lol.

Pink AWA brand television from Big W (it is $198)
White Playstation3 from EB Games (around $260)

Skyrim (around $100)
Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii (around $60)
Simon Pegg's Biography - Nerd Do Well (around $25)

The worst part is - I actually have more, more, more than enough to just go and buy these things for myself sitting in my bank account, but I am saving. I WOULD KILL FOR THESE THINGS!! The trouble with being someone who likes such things I guess.. /sigh. 

What would  YOU like for Christmas?