Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaming (bad grammar ahead)

Honestly I am not much of a 'gamer' - I fuck around with Minecraft, Terraria, the Sims, games like that where I get to build and am (essentially) in control of what I do. I used to play a lot of games when I was in my teens, Halo 1&2, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Diablo and similar - and I was pretty alright at them too!
I miss games with objectives and guns. So I went into EB and got Mass Effect & Bioshock 2. I know they are old titles - but our PC isn't really equipped for gaming anymore and they were only $15ea ah ha! So far been playing Mass Effect - haven't gotten very far yet but I am enjoying it. I end up doing a lot of the fighting by myself as I keep forgetting to heal my allies /facepalm.


I am considering buying the Sims 3 pets, purely so I can then scab all my friends expansions as I am finding Sims 3 vanilla ridiculously boring and wouldn't mind a pet horse of some description.

I also have put it out there that I would LOVE a PS3 for Christmas (mostly for gaming) as it's cheaper then doing up my PC to run some of the games I would love to play. I really want Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare, and would LOVE Skyrim (but no way in hell can I afford to pimp the PC to run that bitch lol) etc. I have been playing a fair bit of Spyro on PS2 - SUPER FUN.. can't believe how much I missed that game haha..

Nightly routine of late: 
put kids in bed
crack open a beer
play Mass Effect
homework for 2 hours
play minecraft/catch up on youtube subscriptions/watch downloaded tv
then more homework until after midnight. 

I think its a good mix of stuff I don't want to do and stuff I need to do.


Sorry the posts have been few and far between but mentally and literally life has been a bit of mayhem these past few weeks and its going to get more packed as my son is going into hospy on Monday morning (just simple tonsils, adenoids out & grommets in) and will be needing his mumma! Also its getting towards the end of semester over here in Aus and I have a million page learning journal and an oral presentation due very soon!

- Emmy Out.

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