Sunday, 18 December 2011

Things I Aimed to do in 2011 (did I succeed?)

Back on my old blog in January I wrote a list of things I wished to do for myself in 2011, this post is a revisit of that list.
Blue = incomplete, pink = success.

1. Get one last piercing.
  - I never got around to getting my nose re-pierced. It is still something I really want to do though, maybe make this a goal for 2012.

2. Get my cat tattoo.
  - This goal is still going to happen, although at the moment it is still very much in the planning stages.

3. Find something really amazing in a thrift store.
  - I managed to find quite a few things I really love. A bright yellow sugar container, 70s floral painted glasses, 9 Star Trek: Next Generation videos..

4. Lose 10kgs.
  - I do believe I actually gained 5kgs, but this year I have had so many other things to deal with that I just don't care right now.

5. See a psychiatrist.
  - I am currently.

6. Watch one of my favourite bands play.
  - KINGS OF MOTHER FUCKING LEON @ NIB STADIUM!! Aww yeahh - they were amazing.

7. Watch 15 new movies. (0/15)
  - I will try to list them (in the order I remember them); HP7 p2, The Green Lantern, Captain America, Scream 4, Red Riding Hood, Hangover 2, The Inbetweeners, Thor, Bridesmaids - I know that I watched a lot more movies, my mum and I had a fair few horror movie nights where we watched like 5 movies at a time.. I just can't remember the titles!

8. Visit Gnomesville, WA.
  - Didn't get the chance, although we will try to go there over summer break.

9. Bake something inspired from Bake It In a Cake.
  - Rocky Road cupcakes baby!

10. Get a job as a carer.
  - Succeeded in this one.

11. Get my P-Plates.
  - Success! I now proudly drive a rusty, falling to pieces, 93' Ford Falcon.

12. Eat breakfast everyday for a week.
  - Fail whale. I really dislike breakfast foods and I tend to hate the gluggy, full feeling I get after a big breakfast. Cup of tea will do for me.

13. Dye my hair.
  - Early in the year I dyed my fringe hot pink, then after that I rotated purple & red dyes for a while. Currently it is half brown, half a horrible maroon colour.

14. Go a month without consuming alcohol.
  - I do believe I am on month 3.

15. Send all my friends birthday cards via snail mail. (stolen from Mel)
  - I AM SORRY FRIENDS! I don't even think they got cards in general. Damn facebook.

16. Explore my home city.
  - Sorry Perth, no love was given to you this year.

17. Go for a RUN (this will be tricky as it requires getting fit first).
  - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breathes* BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA I have had a lot of health issues and family things happen this year and my fitness was put on a shelf to collect dust.

18. Pass my mid year exams.
  - Done & Dusted. All units this year have been passed with a credit or distinction.

19. Pass my end of year exams.
 - See above.

20. Go to the beach. 
  - Did this, also went to the local pool.

21. Buy this for my car.
  - I have no idea what that used to link to, but I am certain I didn't buy it.

22. Get prescription sunglasses.
  - I looked into it, it was $250 so I left it for later. Still sunglasses-less.

23. Have $2000 in my Net Saver account.
  - *peeks into net saver account* oh hello there savings! Success!

24. Throw a tea party (cheating as this is what I am planning for Abbeys 2nd birthday).
  - No tea party was had. Next year.

25. Curl my hair with curlers etc
  - Yes I did this. Yes it looked awful.

26. Cook something by making it up as I go.
  - Done this more than once, sometimes I failed.

27. Make myself an item of clothing.
  - Didn't happen.

28. Buy a corset.
  - Didn't happen.

29. Read 5 books. (0/5)
  - Do comic books count? I read heaps of those :) Walking dead, the runaways, 30 Days of Night, Night of the living dead, Voodoo Child, Arkham City Asylum etc

30. Attend a burlesque dance class. 
  - I did this for most of January and part of February, before I started getting ill. It was really awesome and something I want to re-start in the new year.

18/30 Goals were reached. I think it's pretty fair to say that this challenge was mostly a success.. I will make another list and post it closer to 2012 and add a tab on my blog for it. What are your goals for 2012?

Another thing I was proud of this year - my zombie make up for a fancy dress party!


  1. you did really well. I didn't do a 2011 bucket list, but you have inspired me to do one for 2012 :D

  2. Melissa - on the original post of my bucket list I say that I got the idea from you fool :P

    I would like to do zombie make up on my children - but not sure it would go down too well with other folk haha