Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cupcake Critique #1 (new segment)

Thought I would try something new on my blog as I often find myself buying a cupcake or a different sweet treat that is either wonderful or horrible and then not remembering where I got it from for next time. This will mostly be useful if you live in Australia and near me - but you may still enjoy it if you like looking at photos of cupcakes and hearing about my adventure eating them! Also if this is absolute rubbish and you'd rather I discontinue it please let me know, I am pretty sure I only have two readers and I would hate to displease you guys haha <3

Cupcakes Found At: DNK Cupcakes in Fremantle Markets
Price: Not sure as these were bought for me by my brother.
Cupcake Flavour(s): They are both mini vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.
Testers: Myself & Evan

Evan had the rainbow one and he said it was 'good'.
I had the flake one and I enjoyed it - the cake itself was a little dense and sort of half way between moist and dry, the butter cream was slightly too sweet but it balanced out the density of the cake. Good for kids as they are ridiculously cute!


  1. Stop caring about what other people think/want in your blog and post what YOU want. The cupcake looks delicious x

  2. You know that is probably why I have so much trouble with not knowing what to blog about.. :) also good to see you blogging again!! Missed reading your writings :P Thanks for the feedback and I shall be blogging more randomy shit I love..