Monday, 30 January 2012

People who hate the things you love. With a passion.

Thoughts on: the people who hate the things you love.

So I am a pretty open person, I like a lot of different things in regards to music, movies, authors, games, television programs etc. I also dislike a lot of things. Some of my friends like these things that I dislike - that's ok, each to their own. I happily listen to them gush about these things they like, I value learning (knowledge is power after all) even if it is about subjects I have no great interest in. I sometimes like to gush about the things I like and for the most part my friends will listen, ask questions, join in and what not. Then there are the few friends who feel it necessary to belittle me for having interests that differ to theirs.

For example;

Me: "I was watching an episode of_________"
Friend: "Ugh, that again? I hate __________, it is so stupid! How can you stand watching it?"
Me: "Um, well I obviously don't find it stupid..."
Friend: *changes subject or goes on a rant about why _________ is stupid*

There are only a couple of friends who do this. For the most part they are awesome people who I can have long conversations with on a variety of topics, they just seem to think it is ok to put themselves above someone else for liking something that they don't or not liking something they do. It is so immature and it makes no sense to me. We are all diffferent to one another - we are not going to like the exact same things, never. It won't ever happen that two people will meet and love everything that the other person does - there will be differences and that is what makes us as a species amazing! 

Anyways so ends todays installment of "Emmy Getting Things Off Of Her Chest".
Hope you are all well today! What are some of your pet peeves?

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  1. I agree 1000% (again :D)
    I did my pet peeves!