Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Golden Tinted Rainbows


Firstly, I went to a new psych this morning and he is awesome. Feeling really positive about future sessions and the progress that will more than likely ensue!

Secondly, you need to learn 6 simple words when you are at a restaurant and haven't been able to finish what's on your plate. "Can I get this to go?" Yes - it does seem cheap, but you don't have to think of lunch the next day and get everything you paid for. 

Thirdly, 'Funniest' Is In The Eye Of The Beholder - is an awesome article over on nerdist which put one hell of a smile on my face and in my brain (yes you can smile there!) I personally, LOVE the Python boys and the English sense of humour.

Fourthly, these plushies by MissCoffee on deviantart are AMAZING and make me want to get my craft on!

Fifthly, SHERLOCK!! This BBC series is tickling me in all the right places and it helps that Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty darn scrummy <3

Sixthly, you - yes YOU, are amazing. Don't forget it ok? Please link me in the comments anything funny or interesting from around the web.. xx


  1. I always make sure I ask when ordering if I don't finish the meal if I can take it home. I am rarely able to finish restaurant meals and its still just as yummy the next day :)