Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cosmic Comic Loot #1

In Australia, or more specifically - in Western Australia, comic book stores are few and far between. Before  my 'local' (next town over) comic book store opened I had to travel 30 - 40 minutes into the city if I wanted to buy comics/general geekerery, but now its a 15 minute drive. As far as I know this is the only (decent) comic store 'south of the river' - but they are awesome. They are called Cosmic Comics & I try to buy all my comics from them - to support the little fish, and the awesome owner Chris. Anyways preamble over.

[please excuse the quality of the following image]

L - R: Issue #1 - 30 Days of Night; Weston & Nicolas Cage - Voodoo Child; Arkham Asylum - Madness; Pocky - Chocolate Flavour.

I, personally, had no idea that Nicolas Cage had written a comic book with his son - but he has and it is pretty awesome. The art work is great, the story is interesting, and its a decent length so I won't have it done and dusted in 2 milliseconds.

Still doing NaBloPoMo - just waiting for the damned prompt for today!!


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