Sunday, 6 November 2011

NaBloPoMo: November 6.

Today's prompt comes from the gorgeous miss Melissa..

November 5: List 5 people (dead or alive) that you would like to have dinner with and why

This particular prompt is killing me as there are so many amazing people whom I would love to meet or even just be in their presence! Alas, I have compiled a list of people (dead or alive) that I would like to have dinner with & why..

 1. Charles Darwin
As someone who finds everything to do with biology and evolution absolutely fascinating he is somewhat of a hero. If you have never read 'The Origin of Species' I highly recommend it. Just to be in the same room as him would be ace.

 2. Albert Einstein
Do I really need to elaborate here? It's Albert fucking Einstein.

 3. George A Romero
If you know me, even just a little bit, then you will be familiar with my almost-obsession with zombies. Comics, books, movies, games, the genre in general. If it weren't for this man and his 1968 film 'Night of the Living Dead' who knows if this genre would even be around as much as it is?!

4. Lewis & Simon of the Yogscast
So these fellas haven't done anything substantially amazing compared to the above - unless laughing until my sides ache and I almost piss myself is a noteable achievement? They fuelled my love of the game Minecraft and I think they would be a hilarious addition to any dinner party.

 5. Steven Moffat
Penned some of my most favourite Doctor Who stories and most of Matt Smith's era as the Doctor.

6. Tom Waits
I think he would have some very interesting opinions on things.

Other people I would invite; David Tennant, Simon Pegg, Queen Victoria, Freddy Mercury.. and many many more!!


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