Thursday, 3 November 2011

NaBloPoMo - Intro/Nov 1st Entry

Decided to jump on the bandwagon behind the lovely Melissa from Robots On The Ceiling and take part in NaBloPoMo or 'National Blog Posting Month' - the bloggers version of NaNoWriMo!
I am going to use the posting prompts given and you lucky fuckers get 3 posts in a row as I had no idea this was a thing until 5 minutes ago and need to do Nov 1 - 3.


November 1: "What is your favourite part about writing?"

 - My head is a massive whirlpool of thoughts and ideas, if I didn't write/doodle/scribble I would go bonkers from the sound of my own voice echoing off the walls in my mind. I can be a ridiculously crafty fool at times and find blogging a good release for expressing myself when I can't be bothered doing actual arts and crafts.

My most favourite part about writing is knowing that somebody else has taken the time to read it. I have written heaps of short stories, poems and fanfics that I have never put out there for the world to see purely due to the fear that no one will bother to read it.


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  1. It's like a huge circle of bloggers... I read it on someone else and decided to do it an so far I've had 2 people read mine an decide to do it :) yay!!! I give you permission to bug me if I forget to post :)