Thursday, 3 November 2011

NaBloPoMo - November 4.

November 4  - When you are writing do you prefer to use a pen or a computer.

It honestly depends on what I am writing and the mood I am in.
For academic work I tend to write things down with a pen as I learn better from reading something, writing it down, then writing it again (or in this instant typing it up from my notes).
With other writing that I do (poems, short stories, blog posts etc) it depends on where I am, if the mood strikes me and I am at my computer I'll bash something out - whereas if it is 2am and I am having trouble sleeping then get an idea, I'll grab the nearest writing instrument and writable material and scribble it down.

To be honest I love reading hand written items, such as old letters and the feel of a written  note in your hand. Type just seems so informal sometimes.


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