Saturday, 10 September 2011


I know I did something similar a couple of days ago - but this is a much better format stolen from my friend Melissa's blog Robots on the Ceiling.. :) so expect this either weekly or when things change.

Listening... Boy & Bear's new (first) album "Moonfire". It is deliciously folky, sort of similar to Mumford & Sons, except I didnt really like Mumfy but I love love love Boy & Bear. Going to (hopefully) but a ticket to see them later on today if there are any left - it's in October and they are a relatively new band, so fingers crossed.

Reading... Absolutely nothing - it is quite sad really, I am hoping to get a copy of Geek Love from somewhere as it sounds very much like a book I would thoroughly enjoy.

Watching... Doctor Who, Torchwood & True Blood. Also Hercules & Xena when I get a chance in the arvo (it's on free-to-air, love me a bit of Kevin Sorbo & Lucy Lawless)

Buying... Hopefully Geek Love and I need to get the next installments of Night of the Living Dead & The Walking Dead comics. I really want to buy a few movies as well, ones that I really enjoy so that I have them to watch whenever I feel like.

Wanting... A. New. Bloody. Car. (well not a bloody car - but you know what I mean..)

Trying... to get healthy so that I am not sick all the time. Eating better and exercising more (at the moment the exercise isn't much but it's better than nothing which is what it was)

Loving... Being back in the land of the bloggers - feels good to have a release for my usually subdued creative side. Also Bastion is pretty amazing and my delicious mountain side house on minecraft I am currently working on (it is taking me forever). Also loving tattoo-planning there are about 4 now that I definently want, it is just a matter of saving the money up (looks at near-empty 'tattoo-fund' jar).

Planning... An oral presentation about Domestic Violence in the Indigenous Populations of Australia (for university) and not much else.

Writing/Drawing... My blog? I have started drawing things with moustaches - but they are nowhere near being fit for human eye consumption, so don't expect to see them any time soon. I was going to embark on writing some fan-fic but thought better of it...

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