Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yogscast 1.8 Part 6 :)

Strongholds & Giant Mushrooms (Prerelease 1.8 Part 6)

So I have actually had a nice long proper look at all the videos now and here are some of my thoughts..

Things I am Excited About:
Giant mushrooms (hello mushroom house!), watermelons, strongholds, biomes, NPC villages & piggies wit snouties, the health/food/experience bars, the noms

Things I am a bit MEH About:
SILVERFISH (those bastards are going to make mining more scary), endermen, mineshafts

So what are you looking forward to in the 1.8 update? Or what have you enjoyed so far in the pre-release? :)

Love & Minecarts
E xx

1 comment:

  1. these guys are fucking hilarious. I was watching the videos you posted yesterday with my headphones in, in the living room and i kept cracking up. SIMON is hilarious, he makes the funniest noises :) I need to stalk these guys online.
    I've been playing 1.8 and it's a little boring without NPC. Ravines are awesome, the biomes are awesome (but I haven't found the snow biome yet) the enderman are harmless, unless you look at them directly... plus they die in water :D
    haven't encounted silverfish yet. haven't found a village yet, or the large mushrooms... but i'm going to make me some bone meal and make a mushroom house :) i can't wait to try out the real one. the pre-release is very buggy :)