Sunday, 4 September 2011

Doctor Who Episode Review

You get a double whammy this week, simply because last week this blog did not exist!
[Warning: The following post WILL contain spoilers.]

season 6 episode 8: Let's Kill Hitler

"You should always waste time when you don't have any. Time is not the boss of you. Rule #408"

After a 12 week hiatus Who was back with avengence. The episode was chock-a-block filled with fillers and back story on River Song and had almost nothing to do with Hiltler. I rather enjoyed it - although not as much as other episodes in the series thus far. Seeing Matt Smith in a sexy as all hell tuxedo was well worth some of the laggy parts this episode brought to the table.
6/10 tardis's

season 6 episode 9: Night Terrors

"That's what it's called Pantophobia. Not a fear of pants, though, if that's what you're thinking. It's a fear of everything, including pants, I suppose. In that case.. sorry, go on."
"Through crimson stars and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire. Through empires of glass and civilizations of pure thought and a whole, terrible, wonderful universe of impossibilities. You see these eyes? They're old eyes, and one thing I can tell you, Alex: monsters are real."

Loved loved loved loved LOVED it! Standalone Who episodes really float my boat, especially those that have a slight horror feel to them. I don't want to give anything super away about this one though, it's nothing special but a nice break from the "lets find Melody" plot.
7.5/10 Tardis's


  1. Matt Smith is lovely, as always :D
    I hate dolls :S thanks to DW I hate angels and dolls :(

  2. I also hate angels and dolls.. and creepy clown faces.. and numerous other things from the "fright night" episodes (just what i have grouped them into haha)