Saturday, 3 September 2011

The First Post.

Welcome to my new blog.
Here's a list of things that may or may not be commonly sighted here:

  • Outfit Posts
  • Recipes
  • Discussion/reviews on sci-fi movies
  • Doctor Who, Torchwood, True Blood and other favourite tv show mentions
  • Pictures of Cats and/or Cupcakes
  • Pictures of cross stitch
  • Pictures of two adorable little kids 
  • Youtube bombardments incl. "songs of the moment"
  • Dungeons & Dragons recaps. (yes I play)

Quick spiel to introduce myself: 
My name is Emma, I am a 22 year old nursing student from Western Australian who is also a mother of two little poppets and a wifey to a strapping young lad named Azza. I am also a massive nerd/geek type.

Be back later with some stuff to entertain youuu
PS: my old blog is :)

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