Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Week (ending 8/09/11)

This week I....

Doctor Who (new series & End of Time)
Torchwood (new - going to review this season after the finale)

True Blood (new - the following made me think of ET)

Howl's Moving Castle (studio Ghibli film)
Whisper of The Heart (studio Ghibli film)

Portal (first time, I think I am about half way through)
Bastion (LOVING IT!! Will review once done)

Minecraft (I play minecraft with the Yogbox mod, which I highly reccomend if you are getting a bit tired with 'nilla craft)

Absolutely nowhere exciting, unless you count school run, uni or food shopping.

My cat jumper way too much...

Lots of love and other good thangs..Me :D

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