Thursday, 15 September 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Update is 'officially' Out

So on Wednesday night I was at Dungeons & Dragons (kicking some ass may I add) when my friend Jamie sent me a text saying her boyfee had set up a server to play minecraft. I was wondering why she was sounding so excited. Anyways after an awesome game of D&D I headed home, went to sleep and the next day booted up my minecraft to see the update screen. I squealed - my son came running saw what I was playing and jumped up and down excitedly (he is only 4, but loves watching me play and "adventure for treasure").. yes the 1.8 update was officially out (which my friend new and presumed I did haha my bad).

I was planning on taking lots of screen shots whilst I played, but I was too wrapped up in it that I didn't bother - so I shall tell you about it *get ready to use your imaginations*..

First seed I tried was 'one point eight update' and I spawned in a forest next to a cow. I then collected some wood and chased said cow straight into a ravine - luckily there was water at the bottom, but unfortuently said water ran into lava. Cow survived.

Second seed I tried (and have decided to keep) was 'space monkeys' where I spawned in a swamp biome, with mountains behind me. I headed to the right collecting a shit load of mushrooms then south (lets say the way I faced when I spawned was north). I found heaps of clay (enough to make 2 stacks of 64 bricks) and plenty of sugar cane (3 stacks of 24). The mountains have a lot of caves in them with a lot of iron (115 bars total by the time I got the ore into a furnace) and plenty of coal. I also found a village which was infested with pigs (at least 30) who were very witty and after i tried to axe them they ran into the middle of the lakes near the village, causing endless frustration. I haven't turned it off of peaceful yet as I haven't found a nice location to 'settle' down and build my brick house. 
Found these two down a cave system, pretty deep in there lol - had to lighten the image (why the items look shit) because I have realised something awesome, MAX brightness = NO NEED FOR TORCHES :] yaaaaaaay


I also mucked around in 'creative' for about 5 minutes and came up with this (sorry about the fog this was before I realised hitting "F" doesn't change render distance anymore):

I will do some screen shots if I remember to when I play tonight. So far I am loving 1.8 and am very eager to make a mushroom cottage and lovely clay house.

Is everybody else enjoying 1.8 thus far? Got any screen shots/blog posts etc from your adventures you can link me to? If so please do in the comments below, I love checking out other peoples seeds and things.


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