Friday, 9 September 2011

Yogscast 1.8 Pre-Release Review(s)

Especially their minecraft reviews/adventure map videos. So I was ridiculously happy to watch their video's of the pre-release of minecraft update 1.8 - they have even shared a link to download a copy yourself to try (I, personally, am going to wait for the official release of it). Here are links to all of the videos (you can watch the first one here) and a link to their channel etc:

Part 1:

Part 2: Endermen & Abandoned Mine Shafts

Part 3: NPC Villages, Wells & Tables

Part 4: Steak, Roast Chicken & More Items

Part 5: Silverfish & Watermelons

Main one featuring minecraft mod spotlights, play throughs of new/old games

Usually reviews on up and coming games, a couple of "hannah plays" etc

Website featuring updates on the yogbox, also forums filled with minecraft adventure maps, mods, texture packs and more for your enjoyment :) if you look around you can find their itunes channel for the 'yogpod' which they haven't updated in months but the old ones are pretty funny.

Now you have seen all of that.. do you want a copy of the 1.8 pre-release???
The following is taken from the yogcasts official facebook page:

"Lewis here. It's 2am and every single yogiverse member is still awake. I've got two more videos to edit and upload before I can go to bed :D Hope you're enjoying the 1.8 coverage. If you want in on the action replace your minecraft.jar with one from here (you need a clean install of minecraft though and be sure to backup saves)"

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